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Collectable Display Set 5 LEGO (007-1)

LEGO Collectable Display Set 5

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Pieces: 4
: 2009
Minifigs: 3

Product Description

This LEGO Star Wars Collectible Display Set 5 is an ultra rare exclusive. Given only for a day during the San Diego Comic-Con International Star Wars on July 22, 2009, the set includes three minifigures: Han Solo in his Stormtrooper disguise that also comes with a blaster, Chewbacca with stuncuffs, and Luke Skywalker also donning a Stormtrooper armor and rifle as a disguise. It comes in 17 pieces together with a base plate for display purposes. The 007-1 is one of the six collectible display set in its series released only in the said event.

Minifigures Included

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