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AT-TE Walker LEGO (20009)


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Pieces: 94
: 2009
Minifigs: 0

Product Description

This miniature build comes straight from Star Wars The Clone Wars line up. The AT-TE Walker is a six-legged, formidable ground vehicle used by the Republic against the Separatists and was used to carry legions of Stormtroopers into battle. This 94-piece set comes with four ball-turret laser cannons all primed and ready, together with an intimidating single heavy cannon in front. The backside of the AT-TE Walker is also equipped with two laser cannons and together with its heavily reinforced armor, it is a highly formidable war machine both in offense and defense. The 20009 is also a BrickMaster exclusive, buyable only for all LEGO Club Magazine members from November 9 to December 21, 2009. It was made available to the public afterwards.

Minifigures Included

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