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Geonosian Fighter LEGO (4478)

LEGO Geonosian Fighter

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Pieces: 169
: 2003
Minifigs: 4

Product Description

The classic battle from episode 2, Attack of the Clones can be your own with the Geonosian Fighter. The starfighter features a swiveling forward laser cannon, a lighting cockpit roof, a thrust nozzle and more. This set also includes a platform mounted sonic cannon with a sonic cannon firing tip. Minifigures included are 2 maroon battle droids, geonosian warrior, and a drone. This set contains 169 pieces.

Minifigures Included


Geonosian Pilot
x 1
Original Design without Wings, 2003

Geonosian Warrior
x 1
Original Design with Wings, 2003

Battle Droid (Geonosian)
x 2
Original Design, Maroon Colored

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