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Jabba's Palace LEGO (4480)

LEGO Jabba's Palace

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Pieces: 234
: 2003
Minifigs: 6

Product Description

Jabba's Palace is a filthy place, but it is a great LEGO set to put together. The Palace set features Jabba the Hutt himself, a gorg bowl, a throne that moves back to open the trap door and more. Mini figures included are slave Leia on chains, Jedi Luke, B'ommar Monk, EV9-D9 and the Gonk (gnk) droid. Jabba's prize and Jabba's message can both attach to each side of the Palace. This set contains 234 pieces.

LEGO Jabba's Palace Instruction Manual

Minifigures Included


Princess Leia
x 1
Slave Girl, Yellow Flesh

x 1
Original Design, 2003

Jabba The Hut
x 1
Original Design

Luke Skywalker
x 1
Jedi, Yellow Flesh, No Cape

Gonk Droid
x 1

B'omarr Monk
x 1

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