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Millennium Falcon LEGO (4504)

LEGO Millennium Falcon

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Pieces: 985
: 2004
Minifigs: 5

Product Description

If you want an awesome and challenging lego playset, then this Millennium Falcon is what you need. This Millennium Falcon has a removable top which allows you view all the action from the inside of the ship. The starship features an escape pod, moveable gun turrets, and you can lower the hatch to pull out the ramp so all your minfigs can board the ship. A snowtrooper with a ground blaster is also included, which allows you to recreate the escape scene from episode 5, the Empire Strikes Back. Minifigures include Chewbacca, Han Solo, C-3PO, Princess Leia, and a Snowtrooper. The starship measures 16.5 inches long, 12.5 inches wide, and 4.5 inches wide. This set contains 985 piecs.

Minifigures Included


x 1
Reddish Brown

x 1
Pearl Light Gold

Princess Leia
x 1
Hoth Outfit, Bun Hair

x 1
2004 Design, Black Hands

Han Solo
x 1
2004 Hoth Design w/ Parka

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