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Imperial Star Destroyer LEGO (6211)

LEGO Imperial Star Destroyer

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Pieces: 1367
: 2006
Minifigs: 8

Product Description

The one Starship that defines the empire is the Imperial Star Destroyer, and now you can build it yourself. The LEGO Imperial Star Destoyer features an escape pod, turbo laser cannons, the command bridge, and vaders own meditation chamber. The top can lift off the destroyer and the sides swivel open to reveal all the details of the inside of the starship. The 8 minifigures included in this set are darth vader, grand moff tarkin, imperial officer, 2 stormtroopers, 2 royal guards, an imperial astromech droid, and a mouse droid. The star destroyer measures 23 inches long and contains 1,367 pieces.

Minifigures Included


Grand Moff Tarkin
x 1

Mouse Droid
x 1

Darth Vader
x 1
Original Design 1999-2007

x 2
Original Design, 2001

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