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Tusken Raider Encounter LEGO (7113)

LEGO Tusken Raider Encounter

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Pieces: 90
: 2002
Minifigs: 3

Product Description

Fight off the Sand People as Anakin Skywalker just like in the movie with the Tusken Raider encounter. This set features a vaporator with a moisture collection bar and a hinged platform. Anakin's 2 seater speeder bike also comes with the set. Mini figures included are Anakin Skywalker and 2 Tusken Raiders. This set contains 90 pieces.

LEGO Tusken Raider Encounter Instruction Manual

Minifigures Included


Tusken Raider
x 2

Anakin Skywalker
x 1
Padawan with Cape, Yellow Flesh

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