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Snowspeeder LEGO (7130)

LEGO Snowspeeder

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Pieces: 215
: 1999
Minifigs: 3

Product Description

You can fly through any weather conditions with the snowspeeder LEGO playset. The snowspeeder features 2 blasters, a blaster cannon and more. This is a detailed replica of the snowspeeder from episode, the empire strikes back in the Hoth battle. Mini figures include Luke Skywalker, Dack Ralter and a Hoth Rebel soldier with ray gun. This set contains 215 pieces.

LEGO Snowspeeder Instruction Manual

Minifigures Included


Dack Ralter
x 1
Rebel Pilot, Yellow Flesh

Luke Skywalker
x 1
Rebel Pilot, Yellow Flesh

Hoth Rebel
x 1
White Helmet, Dark Visor

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