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Anakin's Podracer LEGO (7131)

LEGO Anakin's Podracer

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Pieces: 136
: 1999
Minifigs: 2

Product Description

One of the coolest ways to race a vehicle has got to be with Anakin's Podracer. This podracer is a replica and features a cockpit, air scoops and more. Mini figures include Anakin, Queen Amidalia as Padme, and a 1 eyed pit droid. This set measures 12 inches long.

LEGO Anakin's Podracer Instruction Manual

Minifigures Included


Padme Naberrie
x 1
Original Design, Yellow Flesh

Anakin Skywalker
x 1
Boy, Yellow Flesh, Podracing

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