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Z-95 Headhunter LEGO (75004)

LEGO Z-95 Headhunter

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Pieces: 373
: 2013
Minifigs: 3

Product Description

Adapted from the animated television series, "Star Wars: The Clone Wars," the LEGO Star Wars Set, Z-95 Headhunter is yet another addition to the iconic film franchise's collaboration with the world's most popular construction toy line.

Indispensible in protecting the skies above Umbara, this versatile, multi-purpose starfighter served as the first line of defense against invading, ill-intentioned Separatist forces. Standing three inches high, fifteen inches long and twelve inches wide, this super-realistic set also includes three mini-figures (Clone Pilot, a Clone Trooper from the vaunted 501st, Pong Krell) along with weaponry such as a blaster and two double-bladed light-sabers. Other accessories include electro-binoculars and a one-of-a-kind Clone Pilot helmet.

The Z-95 Headhunter is outfitted with a LEGO Technic shooter, functional cockpits, retractable landing gear and a tool rack for storage.

Consisting of 373 pieces, highly-detailed and of sturdy construction, the Z-95 Headhunter starfighter makes the perfect gift not only for dedicated "Star Wars" fanatics, but is also tailor-made for LEGOs construction enthusiasts ages 8-14.

Minifigures Included


Pong Krell
x 1
Original Version

501st Legion Clone Trooper
x 1
2013 Design

501st Clone Pilot
x 1
2013 Design

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