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Battle of Hoth LEGO (75014)

LEGO Battle of Hoth

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Pieces: 448
: 2013
Minifigs: 7

Product Description

The icy planet of Hoth presents severe logistic challenges in the LEGO Star Wars Set, Battle of Hoth, a crucial element in the game-changing "Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back." At 426 pieces, assembling this large set requires a bit of time, but for players ages 8-14, the effort is well worth it.

Imperial Snowtroopers are on the rampage all across Hoth's frozen terrain, and Rebel defenses are put to the test attempting to stave off their determined assault. Commander Rieekan keeps a vigilant watch on the approaching antagonists from his command center trench, issuing battle orders to his charges. Luke Skywalker races across the slippery surface on his snowspeeder, assisting groups of Rebel fighters as they encounter fierce resistance.

Six mini-figures, along with assorted weaponry and accessories are contained in this huge set, including Luke Skywalker, General Rieekan, two Snowtroopers and two Hoth Rebel troopers, a snowspeeder, E-Web blaster, Imperial probe droid, command center (with trench), two blaster and rifles, tower cannon, speeder bike, lightsaber, shovel, pickaxe and tow hook with wire.

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