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Duel on Geonosis LEGO (75017)

LEGO Duel on Geonosis

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Pieces: 391
: 2013
Minifigs: 4

Product Description

Control of the Death Star gives an enormous advantage to whomever possesses it, and no expense or sacrifice is too much to bear in preventing it from falling into the wrong hands. In the LEGO Star Wars Set, Duel on Geonosis, former Jedi Master-turned-Separatist Count Dooku has gotten his traitorous hands on the top-secret Death Star plans and is about to flee Geonosis with them. The deadly ramifications if he escapes are obvious, but with Jedi Master Yoda on the case, hope still exists.

Four mini-figures are contained in this 391 piece set (Count Dooku, Dooku's Pilot Droud, Yoda and Poggle the Lesser), along with a Speeder, two Lightsabers, a tile containing the coveted Death Star plans, a Sith Force Lightning element and walking stick. The lair from which Dooku seizes the plans (from a hidden compartment) measures 5" high, 15" wide and 6" deep and features a functioning handle which topples the tower lamps down on pursuers.

After assembling the set, players then try and assist Yoda in his quest to prevent Count Dooku from making a getaway on his Speeder.

Minifigures Included

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