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Mandalorian Speeder LEGO (75022)

LEGO Mandalorian Speeder

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Pieces: 211
: 2013
Minifigs: 3

Product Description

First seen in the animated TV series, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, Sith Lord Darth Maul's Mandalorian Speeder quickly proved to be a formidable battle vehicle. In the LEGO Star Wars Set, Mandalorian Speeder, players can recreate their favorite scenes from the popular series.

Don't let this sets' relatively small (211 pieces) size fool you, for it contains all of the rich detail and sturdy construction that LEGOs prides itself in producing. The Speeder stands 3" high, 7" long and 4" wide and features an elevating cannon, mechanical legs, under-the-hood hidden flick missiles and rear weapon storage compartment. Three mini-figures are included (the treacherous Darth Maul and two Mandalorian Super Commandos), with the colorful Maul sporting mechanical legs. Additional weaponry includes a Darksaber, a Lightsaber and two blasters, perfect for close combat.

From the epic film series to Star Wars-themed television series and other related media, the collaboration between George Lucas' brainchild and LEGOs has been an unqualified success, more than satisfying devoted followers of each iconic franchise.

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