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Star Wars Advent Calendar LEGO (75023)

LEGO Star Wars Advent Calendar

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Pieces: 265
: 2013
Minifigs: 9

Product Description

The 2013 Star Wars Advent Calendar is a 254 piece seasonal set released during the holiday seasons of 2013. With 24 gifts to open and build every day, the 75023 contains nine minifigures including the exclusive holiday themed Jango Fett minifig in his adorable Santa costume plus excellent selection of iconic starships from the galaxy far away. Vehicles include: Dooku’s Solar Sailer, Coruscant Freighter, Cloud car, Republic gunship, Attack Cruiser, AT-TE, Republic Dropship, Geonosian Starfighter, Naboo Cruiser, Neimoidian Shuttle, Jedi Starfighter and Slave I. Makes a great gift for fans of the LEGO Star Wars building sets!

Minifigures Included

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