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Star Destroyer LEGO (75033)

LEGO Star Destroyer

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Pieces: 100
: 2014
Minifigs: 1

Product Description

The 75033 Star Destroyer is one of the six mini builds under the LEGO Star Wars Microfighter Series 1 released in 2014. You’ll be amazed how many details have been crammed into this miniature-size version of the Empire’s giant starship, like engines at the back, 2 flick missiles and a mini cockpit. The set comes with an Imperial Crew minifigure with blaster that snugly fits in the Star Destroyer’s cockpit. With 100 pieces to work on and measuring at over 1” high, 3” long and 2” wide, it is an excellent match against the Rebel’s 75032 X-Wing Fighter. Suitable for children ages 6 to 12.

Minifigures Included

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