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Millennium Falcon LEGO (75105)

LEGO Millennium Falcon

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Pieces: 1332
: 2015
Minifigs: 7

Product Description

The Millennium Falcon (75105) is a Star Wars: The Force Awakens theme set released in 2015. After several inactive years in the planet Jakku, the iconic Millennium Falcon is back, and it’s leaner and meaner than ever before! Dubbed as the fastest starship in the galaxy, this LEGO version of the Millennium Falcon comes crammed with new and updated external features, including an even more streamlined and detailed design, detachable cockpit with space for 2 minifigures, rotating top and bottom laser turrets with hatch and space for a minifigure, dual spring-loaded shooters, sensor dish, ramp and an entrance hatch. Opening the hull plates reveals even more great new and updated details inside, including the main hold with seating area and holochess board, more detailed hyperdrive, secret compartment, extra boxes and cables, and storage for spring-loaded shooter ammo. With no less than Chewbacca (with his bowcaster) and Hans Solo (with blaster) piloting the Millennium Falcon in their minifigure forms, this set also comes with Rey with her mean-looking staff, Finn with his silver-colored blaster pistol, Tasu Leech with blaster, a Kanjiklub Gang Member with gang rifle, and of course our favorite astromech BB-8 – totalling to 6 minifigures. With a total of 1329 pieces, this LEGO Millenium Falcon measures an impressive over 5” high, 18” long and 12” (32cm) wide.Travel the galaxy with Han Solo, Chewbacca and the rest of the crew of the iconic Millennium Falcon! Suitable for ages 9 and above.

Minifigures Included


Han Solo
x 1
Force Awakens

x 1
Brown Version

x 1

x 1

x 1

Tasu Leech
x 1

Kanjiklub Gang Member
x 1

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