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Imperial Assault Carrier LEGO (75106)

LEGO Imperial Assault Carrier

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Pieces: 1216
: 2015
Minifigs: 6

Product Description

The Imperial Assault Carrier (75106) is a Star Wars Rebels set released in June of 2015. The rebels must be quick on their feet once the Imperial Assault Carrier arrives. This massive carrier is capable of carrying 4 mini-scale TIE fighters once it is within enemy range. Open the cockpit and have a minifigure and lift the handle and be ready for flight. Pushing the trigger releases the 4 mini-scale TIE Fighters eager to join the fray. The Imperial Assault Carrier also comes with twin spring-loaded shooters, rotating gun turret with dual stud blaster, missile storage bay and ammo cargo boxes. After a successful mission, the TIE Fighters maybe docked or reattached to the Carrier ready for another skirmish. The LEGO Imperial Assault Carrier comes with 5 minifigures from the Star Wars Rebels animated TV series: Agent Kallus, Imperial Officer, Sabine Wren in Mandalorian outfit and 2 TIE Pilots, plus an Imperial Astromech Droid. Minifigure weapons include 3 blaster pistols, Sabine’s 2 Mandalorian blasters and Kallus’ weapon. With 1216 pieces to play with, the Imperial Assault Carrier (with TIE Fighters attached) measures over 5” high, 18” long and 8” wide once assembled. Suitable for children 9 and above.

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