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Hoth Rebel Base LEGO (7666)

LEGO Hoth Rebel Base

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Pieces: 548
: 2007
Minifigs: 7

Product Description

This Limited Edition playset gives you everything that is so great about the battle of Hoth in episode 5. The rebel base set includes a detailed command center, a rotating repair platform with crane and a removable spare engine. Also included is a snow speeder, an imperial probe droid, and a snowtrooper with blaster cannons. Minifigures in this set are Luke Skywalker, Dak Ralter, 2 hoth rebel troopers, 2 snow troopers, and the rare K-3PO protocol droid.

Minifigures Included


Dack Ralter
x 1
Gray Hips, Flesh Head

x 2
White Hands

x 1
Original Design, 2007

Hoth Rebel
x 2
Tan Vest, Gray Arms, 2007

Luke Skywalker
x 1
Rebel Pilot, Light Flesh, Single Stripe on Helmet

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