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The Twilight LEGO (7680)

LEGO The Twilight

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Pieces: 882
: 2008
Minifigs: 4

Product Description

Commandeered by Anakin during the Clone Wars, the Twilight is one awesome battleship you don't want to mess with. The Twilight features moveable laser cannon turrets, flick missiels, an escape pod mounted on the side, and landing gear that retracts by moving the wings. Help other Jedi's in trouble with a working tow cable winch from the back. Minifigures included are Anakin, Ahsoka, R2-D2, and Rotta the Hut. The Twilight measures 12 inches long and 18 inches wide.

Minifigures Included


x 1
Original Design, 1999

Anakin Skywalker
x 1
Clone Wars Design

x 1
Original Design, 2008

Rotta Hutt
x 1
Original Design, 2008

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