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Battle of Naboo LEGO (7929)

LEGO Battle of Naboo

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Pieces: 241
: 2011
Minifigs: 12

Product Description

If you want to build an awesome droid army, then the battle of Naboo LEGO set is what you will need. This set features 11 total minifigures, 8 battle droids with blasters, 2 droid pilots, Jar Jar Binks, and a gungan soldier with an energy shield. The set comes with a droid carrier with 2 detachable racks to carry the battle droids and their weapons. The carrier measures 9 inches long and contains 241 pieces.

Minifigures Included


Jar Jar Binks
x 1
Redesign, 2011

Gungan Soldier
x 1
Redesign, 2011

Battle Droid
x 8

Battle Droid Pilot
x 2

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